FedEx Introduces Gaius Electric Tricycles Rapide 3 to Pick-up and Delivery Fleet in Taiwan

FedEx Express (FedEx), a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) and one of the world’s largest express transportation companies, teams up with Gaius Automotive Inc. to introduce the commercial electric tricycle “Rapide 3” into its pick-up and delivery fleet in Taiwan. This innovative vehicle is designed to enhance service efficiency with its high load capacity, agile mobility, and extended range. The adoption of Rapide 3 underscores the FedEx commitment to more sustainable logistics solutions.

Gaius Electric Tricycles Rapide 3

Newly introduced by FedEx in Taiwan, the Rapide 3 embodies a design philosophy that integrates people, vehicles, and cargo while providing a cargo capacity of

1000 liters and a payload of up to 200 kilograms. This capacity addresses a diverse range of transportation needs while helping reduce the frequency of round trips

to logistics warehouses. Additionally, its medium-sized battery provides a maximum range of 110 kilometers, covering the daily delivery mileage of most current

routes. The Rapide 3, coupled with Gaius’ fleet management system, provides real-time monitoring of vehicle dynamics and historical records to help enhance

delivery efficiency and rider safety.

Gaius Electric Tricycles Rapide 3

The Rapide 3 is equipped with safety features that include a patented 35-degree tilting system for stability and agility during turns and adaptability to diverse urban

delivery scenarios. Furthermore, the side-access cargo box design enhances the convenience of item retrieval. Notably, FedEx is also the first in Taiwan to use a version

of the Rapide 3 equipped with a long windshield and wipers to provide safer transportation in various weather conditions.

FedEx adoption of the Rapide 3 is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to reduce emissions in its operations. Switching to an electric scooter from a traditional fuel

scooter reduces an estimated 35 kilograms of carbon emissions per unit per month, adding up to potential carbon savings of more than 2 tons of total carbon a year

at a single FedEx station with a fleet of scooters. According to statistics from Taiwan’s Climate Change Administration, Ministry of Environment[1], the transportation

sector contributes about 13 percent of Taiwan’s total carbon emissions, with large commercial vehicles accounting for up to 25 percent of fine-particle air pollutants

known as PM2.5. By incorporating the Rapide 3, FedEx continues its work toward a more sustainable future.

Gaius Electric Tricycles Rapide 3

“As one of the largest express transportation companies, FedEx is committed to providing more efficient and sustainable logistics solutions, including investing in

more environmentally friendly last-mile technologies,” said Michael Chu, managing director of FedEx Taiwan. “Our collaboration with Gaius Automotive Inc. is a

meaningful milestone on our journey toward the FedEx goal of carbon-neutral operations by 2040. We will continue our efforts to bring forth more possibilities for

a sustainable future.”

“It is indeed an honor for Gaius to collaborate with FedEx in spearheading the transformation of the logistics industry,” said Anthony Wei, CEO of Gaius. “We take

pride in assisting our logistics clients in achieving their sustainability goals while simultaneously optimizing their operations.”

The Rapide 3 officially hit the road as part of the FedEx Taiwan’s fleet at the end of 2023. This collaboration serves as a sustainable milestone for FedEx in the logistics

industry in Taiwan. FedEx remains committed to environmental responsibility, promoting innovative services, and providing high-quality logistics solutions. 

[1] Climate Citizen Dialogue Platform, Climate Change Office, Ministry of Environment

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