Gaius’ innovative spirit is evident in Rapide 3’s design, featuring a stylish look, spacious cargo box, and a strong chassis for severe duty cycles and heavy loading. Its powerful and efficient powertrain ensures long-range delivery capability. Its intelligent vehicle management system further enhances fleet operation efficiency, providing a reliable and user-friendly solution for fleet operators.




Load Capacity



Cargo Box Design

The cargo box can be customized in terms of design(graphics and color) as well as cargo access (roll-up door, barn doors, and cold chain cargo box) on all three accessible sides.
Cargo Box Size:990mm x 990mm x 1250mm(L x W x H, Exterior)

Barn Doors
Rollup Door
Cold Chain Cargo Box
蓋亞商用電動三輪車 Gaius Rapide 3

Patented 35° Tilting System for Optimal Agility and Stability

Striving for safety, Rapide 3 tilts into turns with optimal traction, maneuverability and balance even at high speeds with a full load, by using a unique 35-degree tilting system. The innovative system utilizes dynamic CG (center of gravity) movement to balance the cargo loading.

蓋亞商用電動三輪車 Gaius Rapide 3
蓋亞商用電動三輪車 Gaius Rapide 3

Safety Support

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

Both the front and rear wheels are equipped with ABS, preventing wheel lock, reducing braking distance and providing a high level of safety for braking.

Electric Parking Brake (EPB)

Rapide 3 adopts an EPB that along with the ETL, allows riders to easily lock the vehicle when parking.

Combined Braking System (CBS)

Complementing the front and rear hand-operated brakes, and by using an independent hydraulic circuit, CBS provides a failsafe braking system.

Blind Spot Detection System

Rapide 3 features an automotive-grade blind spot detection system, which activates light signals to warn of approaching vehicles.

Fully Informed, Always

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

When there is insufficient tire pressure or an abnormal condition, the instrument panel will illuminate the tire pressure warning light.


Rapide 3 can be easily reversed into a loading zone.

Reverse Assist with Rear View Camera

The reverse assist camera function enables the rider to monitor traffic and obstacles while reversing.

Front and Rear DVR Unit

Equipped with front and rear digital video cameras, Rapide 3 captures the vehicle’s daily drive history for operations analysis or accident recording.

ranging from 155cm to 195cm

155cm rider

195cm rider

Vehicle Dimensions

  1. Seat height: 770mm
  2. Vehicle width: 1032mm
  3. Cargo box height (exterior): 1195mm
  4. Vehicle height: 1825mm
  1. Cargo deck height: 630mm
  2. Ground clearance: 160mm
  3. Cargo box width (interior): 930mm
  4. Cargo box height (interior): 1150mm

Vehicle Size Variants


Standard cargo bed : 990x990mm


Maxi cargo bed : 990x1090mm

The Best Mission-Critical Vehicle

Rapide 3 is more than just a logistics vehicle; it excels as a mission-critical vehicle with its outstanding performance, high payload capacity, and fully customizable cargo system. Its versatility allows for modifications to cater to various needs in fields such as cold chain, law enforcement, emergency response, maintenance, public service, and other special purposes.

Range (WMTC)*



*According to EU 134/2014 Annex VII .

Peak Power



Top Speed

up to



Hill Climb*



* Hill climb gradient 42% with 100kg of loading
*Hill climb gradient 35% with 175kg of loading

Safe and Long Service Life

Rapide 3 is equipped with a dependable and durable 14.5kWh LFP(lithium iron phosphate) battery, ensuring reliability and longevity. With its large capacity, it provides long range, and it is convenient to charge thanks to its compatibility with both AC charging (110V or 240V) and fast DC charging.

Smart Key

Activate Rapide 3 by using the smart key. This action also triggers the recording of routes, battery usage, and riding behaviors… etc, all of which contribute to enhancing fleet safety.

Vehicle specification information

Rapide 3 Size :2500mm x 1000mm x 1900mm(L x W x H )
Load Capacity: 200 kg
Volume:1000 L
Cargo Box Size: 990mm x 990mm x 1250mm(L x W x H, Exterior)
Peak Power:13 kW
Top Speed:85 km/h
Range (WMTC): 180 km
Battery Capacity: 14.5 kWh
Braking System:Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)、Electric Parking Brake (EPB)、Combined Braking System (CBS)
Safety:Tilt System、DVR Unit、Reverse Assist with Rear View Camera、Blind Spot Detection System、Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)