Warranty Policy

Gaius Automotive Warranty Policy

Unless specified in warranty policy and consumables, quality defects of original parts and components of the vehicle will be repaired or replaced free of charge by Gaius.
Warranty labour cost is limited to one-time cost. If vehicle owner requests for multiple repairs resulting in related parts damage, the warranty of parts will be voided, and vehicle owner must bear all the repair labour cost.
Gaius Automotive reserves the right to adjust warranty policy.





New vehicle warranty

  • Gaius Automotive offers a 2 years or 60,000 kilometers warranty for the new vehicle, whichever comes first.

Non-consumable parts

  • 90 days or up to 1 year warranty from the date of installation or delivery of the new vehicle (depending on the type of parts, applicable for different periods).

Lithium-ion phosphate battery

  • Guaranteed 80% power storage capacity within 5 years or 125,000 kilometers
  • Note:The circuit board and BMS of the assembled battery are covered by the warranty for 2 years or 60,000 kilometers as the new vehicle, and the 12V battery is covered as a non-consumable part.

Cargo box

  • 1 year warranty under normal use and storage from the date of installation or delivery of the new vehicle.

Powertrain warranty

  • During the warranty period, if the motor assembly and motor controller are repaired or replaced by Gaius in accordance with the relevant warranty requirements, an one-year extended warranty will be provided starting from the time of repair or replacement, and if the remaining time of the new vehicle warranty is longer than extended warranty, the warranty period of the new vehicle shall prevail.

Warranty exclusions

  • Consumable parts that need to be replaced periodically, such as rubber, steel cables, springs, screws, gaskets, brake pads, brake linings, fuses, grease, etc., as well as consumable accessories such as exterior parts, tires, etc., are not included in the warranty.
  • Various expenses related to vehicle malfunction (e.g. towing fees, transportation fees, telephone fees, traffic fees, rental fees, off-work fees, fines for violations, etc.) are not covered by the warranty.