The cargo box can be customized in design, and cargo access (rollup door, barn doors and folding door) for 3 sides except the side facing driver.

Cargo Box Construction

Exterior Length



Exterior Width



Exterior Height



Extruded Aluminum Post with T-slot(Slot width 8mm)

Hardware Accessories

Aluminium T-slot Accessories

Adjustable Shelf Support


(CHMSL)Signal Light
Interior Light


Storage Net
Elastic Storage Net
Hanging Pocket Organizer

Door Lock

T-shape handle lock
Button Lock Handle (Rollup Door Only)

Cargo Box Mail Storage Option A

  • Vertically stacked sliding trays, each holding three standard mail containers.
  • Heavy duty rails, individual container compartments.
  • Outside the mail compartments, the cargo box has 350 liters of storage space remaining.
  • Lower cost, as standard cargo box can be used without customization.

Cargo Box Mail Storage Option B

  • Horizontally stacked standard mail containers and separator shelf.
  • Sliding tray can be single piece (simpler, lighter) or three individual sliders (more convenient, easy to use)
  • Trays slide out far enough that the inside containers can be accessed directly.
  • The cargo box has 600 liters of storage space above the separator shelf.

A clever, flexible and economically efficient solution for temperature-controlled transport needs.

The single piece sturdy container is designed to satisfy all possible demands of professional users in term of temperature controlled transport. It is made of food grade polyethylene (PE), UV stabilized, and ultra-thick insulation made by PU foam. With its efficient cooling units, it reduced energy consumption and low total costs of ownership.


  • Top Insulation
  • Resistance to Vibrations
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Versatility & Flexibility
  • Long Working Life
  • All Internal Angles Rounded,for Easy Cleaning.
  • Controlled by APP (OPT)
  • Autonomous Operation (OPT)


With a freely downloadable APP, it is possible to monitor the unit from a smartphone or tablet and upload reports and temperature graphs.

The cargo box can be customized. The minimum quantity of order and any required custom part not listed must be further discussed before finalization.

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